Kampeska Equestrian Center got it’s roots in 2005 as a hobby farm on 5 acres.  With a lifelong love of the equine and a desire to supply our family with farm fresh meats and products we bought a horse and some chickens. That vision quickly grew to include more horses and more chickens!

In 2012, the Lord provided us with the ranch and home we only dreamed of and found us pledging to be the best stewards of His land and animals that we could be.   We began to care for other people’s horses so that they too could enjoy God’s creations.  Adding a cow to the adventure along with some ducks really stirred up the pot and in 2013 we threw all reason to the wind and added hogs!   With all of that in mind the name HodgePodge Ranch was birthed with a sense of the variety and fun with which we ranch despite the fact that we take our responsibility very seriously.  Our theme verse helps anchor us to our commitment; Genesis 1:26-28 God created, then He set Man and Woman to be stewards over all He created!

In 2018, we retired from hogs and the Lord allowed us to update our large outdoor riding arena leveling it and adding sand and 2019 brought about the birth of the Ranch’s (one and only, we think) foal! To find out how Karus got her name check out old vlogs from our Facebook page!

2020 finds us retiring from chickens to allow more time to focus on our horses and was also the year we were going to add an indoor facility.  Covid hit and as did many people’s plans, ours came to a screaming halt!  Bummed about no indoor facility, we searched for a service that was needed in our area that could help both the average rider and sport riders build better partnerships with their horses!  In 2021 we brought in a team to design and help us build our Mountain Trail Course!  That big change provided the right timing for our desired re-brand and thus Kampeska Equestrian Center was born! Check out our services tabs to find out more.

What will tomorrow bring? Only the Lord knows!